Core Principles

I began my legal career by developing and operating a small business law firm. After many years of steady growth, I accepted a partner position in a large law firm. I took this opportunity in order to work with high quality attorneys on complex business transactions as well as take advantage of the administrative and structural capabilities that a large law firm could provide. During my tenure at two such firms, I continued to develop a successful business practice with sophisticated clients.

After a number of years at those firms, I recognized several things. First, private companies hire lawyers, not law firms. Second, technology advances have significantly leveled the playing field regardless of firm size. Third, high quality lawyers are willing to work with other high quality lawyers on sophisticated business matters regardless of firm affiliation. Lastly, a concierge type corporate boutique law firm that limits the number of clients is an effective way to deliver high quality legal services in a personal and cost effective manner. Our law firm is operated on these principles.